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March 20, 2008



Hi Tin! Congratulations on the EIC job. :-) Well, we Pinoy Wikipedians have not met up again since the last time due to busy schedules. But we will probably invite you again on one of our future meetings and this time in your capacity as WikiPilipinas' EIC.

There's a suggestion from one of us to unify the user interface terminology between the Tagalog Wikipedia and WikiFilipino. We're still deciding if they should indeed use the same set of terms or not given that one is Tagalog and the other is Filipino.


Hi Eugene~ Thanks for the well wishes. I would of course be glad to attend another Wikipedia meeting. Hope we can work on a project together. Will contact you, maybe we can meet up before the Wikipedia gathering.

Re: WikiFilipino and Tagalog Wikipedia -- Filipino! ;) But that's just me.

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